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RFID i Danmark 2014 Conference

Thursday May 22’nd at the IT University in Copenhagen
at Rued Langgaards Vej 7, 2300 Copenhagen S

Across various industries first-mover companies are already tracking, tracing, locating, identifying, authenticating every day by using RFID.

Why? – because they gain significant advantages!

The main objective of the RFID i Danmark 2014 conference is to present the benefits which companies – private as well as public – can gain from Automatic Identification, Locating and Data Capture.

Networking; At the conference you will meet key people from companies using RFID for production, logistics, retail, asset management as well as people from RFID Manufacturers and RFID Solution providers.

They will share their experiences on how they are using RFID technology to optimize processes and creating financial results in their particular company.

Focus will not be on the technologies, but on how companies are gaining advantages. At the Conference you will have the opportunity to listen to both national as well as international presentations on companies’ results and experiences by using RFID. At the Conference you will hear presentations for the first and probably only time presented in Denmark. The list of presentations will be updated under Presentations.

‘RFID’ is increasingly becoming commonly known – but most often just believed to be a label replacing a traditional barcode, as we know it from Library Books.

We consider any technology capable of identifying an object or a person by the use of Radio Waves to be ‘RFID’. In addition to the simple, passive label tags, this includes active tags, NFC, Bluetooth, WiFI tags, RTLS, GPS etc. and all the software, which can ensure that we seamlessly can capture ERP transactions from automatically identifying a certain object at a certain location and point in time.

To learn more on actual products and solutions, you can use the unique opportunity to go exploring at the large RFID exhibition, where the RFID vendors will be ready to explain, demonstrate and answer your questions. The list of exhibitors will be updated under Exhibitors.

If you are new to RFID, or just need a brush-up – then this year you will have an opportunity to attend a ‘Introduction to RFID’ morning session organized by Teknologisk Institut.